Monocore 3D FP

MONOCORE® is a sandwich panel made with full three-dimensional fibreglass impregnated with phenolic resin. It is patented and mass-produced by Metalleido Components.
This full structure is not subject to delamination. The fabric is impregnated with phenolic resin to obtain a flat panel that is extremely light and rigid. It is supplied without coating (basic version) or finished with Abet laminates (in different décors and finishes) or other materials. It is cut in standard sizes or made to measure. These panels can be cut with ordinary woodworking machines.

Standard sizes: 1200×2400 mm
Thickness: from 3 to 25 ± 0.3 mm
Flatness = 5 mm over 2400 mm

MONOCORE® is the only single-block, three-dimensional panel that is extremely resistant to collision and to delamination as well.
In addition to solving this problem, Metalleido has also addressed the issue of weight – by designing MONOCORE® it has created an extremely strong yet extremely light material. Thanks to the fibres and the resins chosen for its manufacture, MONOCORE® ensures excellent resistance to fire and does not produce toxic smoke, as proven by the international certifications that make it suitable for use in the nautical, aeronautical and railway sectors.

The external surface of MONOCORE® is suitable for the hassle-free application of fibres, laminates, wood or melamine which integrate perfectly with the underlying material. This provides considerable potential for decoration. Metalleido has set up a technical assistance service that works with designers and guides them during the entire design and application cycle by supplying: coatings – cutting – joint systems – production of special made-to-measure panels.

MONOCORE® 3D FP is a multi-layer sandwich panel made of three 6 mm thick fibreglass layers, to which three more mats of glass fabric are added, of 300 gr./m2 and/or 500 gr./m2, to give the panel greater resistance both to bending and compression (3.76 N/mm2 using ASTM C365) and high resistance to flection (0.7 N/mm2 using ASTM C393). The panel can be coated (e.g. with non-slip surfaces such as rubber materials or carpet).
MONOCORE® 3D FP panel has been certified to comply with AFNOR NF 16.101 & NF-P 92.501, class M1 F0. It also complies with standard EN 45545-2, 2013, which replaces previous versions.