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Skyway Monte Bianco has chosen Igea

Abet Laminati introduced a new integrated technological system that responds in a functional and aesthetic way to the monitoring and sanitation needs due to the Covid19 pandemic emergency.

Signed by the design curators Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni, Igea Safety box is a passage tunnel that can be easily modulated and multiplied according to the flows, composed of laminate panels integrating a technology capable of measuring body temperature, detecting the presence of the mask unlocking the access after verification, and sanitizing the passage through the spray of a disinfectant solution.

Ideal for public and workplaces, the project takes its name after Hygieia, the goddess of health in Greek and Roman mythology, and is inspired by the arched shape of the ancient entrances to the Roman baths, updating an ancient ritual of sanitation.

Igea Safetybox is made with certified, non-polluting, durable materials and can be easily customized through to the Abet Digital printing service.

Skyway Monte Bianco has chosen the Igea Safety box system to create the Skysafe portal for safe access to the cable car allowing visitors to “touch the roof over Europe”.